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INTRODUCTION The restoration of malformations of different etiology in the head and neck area continue to be a problem to the reconstructive surgeon. Many of these problems are created by the destruction of cartilage. The success of the reconstructive effort very often depends on the selection of a composite cartilage graft of proper size, shape, and(More)
The excimer laser-ArF has certain characteristics that render it ideal for the performance of stapedotomy. These include the short wavelength of the emitted laser beam (193 nm), its high water absorption rate, the ability of pin-point focusing and its capability of operating in a pulse mode. In an effort to measure the temperature changes of the(More)
The aim of this work is the experimental and theoretical investigation of the influence of variable laser parameters (wavelength, fluence, pulse repetition rate) and of the optical and thermophysical properties of bone tissue (absorption coefficient, tissue inhomogeneity) as well as of the sample thickness on ablation thresholds and ablation rate. Ablation(More)
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