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For the reasons of high data flow of video traffics over mobile networks, the wireless link capacity fails to keep up the pace with the demand. There exists a gap between the demand and the link capacity which results in poor service quality of the video streaming over mobile networks which includes disruptions and long buffering time. Following the cloud(More)
The IPsec protocol suite is widely used for business-critical network traffic. In order to make IPsec deployments highly available, more scalable, and failure-resistant, they are often implemented as IPsec High Availability (HA) clusters. However, there are many issues in IPsec HA clustering, and in particular in Internet Key Exchange Protocol version 2(More)
Traditional decision tree classifiers work with the data whose values are known and precise. We can also extend those classifiers to handle data with uncertain information. Value uncertainty arises in many applications during the data collection process. Example sources of uncertainty measurement/quantization errors, data staleness, and multiple repeated(More)
Nowadays credit cards have become a prerequisite in our daily activities. The misuse of credit card is increasing day by day. There are several ways in which a offender performs a credit card fraud. It is always been advised to exercise and provide additional security to the credit cards in order to elude the frauds. This paper focuses on credit card(More)
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