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In a two stage study of depression, 200 patients attending primary care were randomly investigated. All patients were screened using Beck Depression Inventory (BDI) (Beck & Beamesderfer, 1974) and were interviewed using Clinical Interview for Depression (CID) (Paykel, 1985). Sixty (30%) patients crossed BDI threshold for moderate or severe depression. On(More)
Inahalant abuse is of increasing interest in India. The age of onset is typically during adolescence. Gasoline inhalant use is rarely reported in adolescents with intellectual deficit. We report a case of petrol dependence in a 10-year-old child with mental retardation. Possible effect of petrol huffing on behavior and cognition is discussed.
A survey of 133 senior medical students revealed that noteworthy proportions had used the following psychoactive substances during their lifetime: cigarettes, 44%; alcohol, 96%; marijuana, 57%; amphetamines, 22%; cocaine, 20%; sedatives, 17%; benzodiazepines, 37%; hallucinogens, 15%; and opioids, 40%. Smaller percentages reported use of these substances(More)
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