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Petroleum workers are exposed to benzene or benzene-containing petroleum products. As such, studies of these workers provide an opportunity for investigating the relationship between benzene and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (NHL). However, few cohort studies of petroleum workers report results of NHL separately. One reason is that NHL is usually grouped with(More)
CANCER PATIENTS OFTEN ask their physician whether there are any factors in their family history, life style, or work environment that might have increased the risk of developing their type of tumor. When clinicians consult the literature about oncology, toxicology, and epidemiology for answers to questions such as this, they soon discover that the(More)
In 1989 we published a critical review of cancer epidemiology in petroleum workers, which included as a component of the review a meta-analysis by cancer site. Subsequently we have completed three additional reviews and meta-analyses on cell-type-specific leukemias (1995), multiple myeloma (1997), and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (2000). The objective of the(More)
Meta-analysis has been used increasingly in reviewing and summarising epidemiological studies. Reviews incorporating meta-analyses have appeared in medical journals in increasing numbers. Although there are several methodology papers on meta-analysis, most of these papers have been written primarily for discussion among epidemiologists. The present paper(More)
A large number of epidemiologic studies of workers in the petroleum industry have been conducted to investigate the carcinogenic and other health effects of exposure to petroleum products during manufacture and distribution. Of particular interest is the relationship between exposure to benzene or benzene-containing liquids in the petroleum industry and(More)
Workers in the petroleum industry are potentially exposed to a variety of petrochemicals, including benzene or benzene-containing liquids. Although a large number of studies of petroleum workers have been conducted to examine leukemia and other cancer risks, few existing studies have investigated cell-type-specific leukemias. One of the major reasons for(More)
A critical review of close to 100 published and unpublished but otherwise available epidemiologic reports of petroleum industry employees from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Europe, Australia, and Japan was conducted. Analyses by duration of employment and latency are discussed, and summary standardized mortality ratios (SMRs) or meta-SMRs are(More)
Case reports have suggested an association between benzene exposure and multiple myeloma. Because petroleum workers are exposed to benzene or benzene-containing liquids, studies of these workers provide an opportunity for investigating the relationship between benzene and multiple myeloma. A large number of cohort studies of petroleum workers have been(More)