G. K. Karthikeyan

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The load-frequency control (LFC) is used to restore the balance between load and generation in each control area by means of speed control. The objective of LFC is to minimize the transient deviations and steady state error to zero in advance. This paper investigates LFC with time delays using proportional integral (PI) Controller and fuzzy logic controller(More)
OFDM Signal combines the multiple symbol representations method with a signal clipping method using a new hybrid PAPR reduction technique. The amplitude of the signal is limited to the threshold value using clipping method which considering the signal must be interpolated before A/D conversion and also different filtering technique has been proposed. The(More)
The load–frequency control (LFC) problem has been one of the major subjects in a power system. In practice, LFC systems use proportional–integral (PI) controllers. However since these controllers are designed using a linear model, the non-linearities of the system are not accounted for and they are incapable of gaining good dynamical performance for a wide(More)
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