G. K. Gautam

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Segmentation of an optic disk location is a very essential task for retinal image analysis. Most of the pervious method uses the principal component analysis method, which are computationally complex. This paper presents a simple and semi automatic approach for segmentation of the optic disc in retinal images using thresholding and boundary extraction.(More)
In wireless communications, spectrum is a scarce resource and hence imposes a high cost on the high data rate transmission. Fortunately, the emergence of multiple antenna system has opened another very resourceful dimension – space, for information transmission in the air. It has been demonstrated that multiple antenna system provides better BER and it can(More)
The paper discusses the measurement and processing of some of the important parameters involved in the process of sugar crystallization. The parameters are supersaturation, purity (percentage of sugar present) and brix (total solid content of sugar solutions); these cannot be measured directly and hence must be computed from various measured parameters,(More)
The water around for many centuries, in the form of watermarks found initially on plain paper and then goes away. However, the field of digital water and placed only during the last 15 years, and is now used in many different applications. The proposed work has based on digital water marking on image processing. The implementation has been tested on(More)
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