G K Alameda

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Study design:Face-to-face interview.Objectives:Pain interference is an important outcome measure in clinical pain trials. However, after spinal cord injury (SCI), interference caused by pain may be difficult to separate from interference caused by the physical impairment. The objective of this study was to determine the ability of the Life Interference(More)
The fluorescence of Eu(III) is used to study the nature of the Ca(II) binding sites in the central cavity of the two-zinc(II) insulin hexamer. The dependence of the Eu(III) fluorescence lifetime upon Eu(III) stoichiometry indicates that there are three identical Eu(III) binding sites present in the two-zinc(II) insulin hexamer in solution. Addition of(More)
A microcomputer-based high-voltage pulse controller was developed for use in Kerr effect studies. The system allows the user to program pulse format and change pulse sequence by a simple entry from a keyboard. A silicon diode temperature probe which is interactive with the microcomputer is also discussed. Details of the necessary interface and a sample(More)
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