G. Jothi

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Medical datasets are often classified by a large number of disease measurements and a relatively small number of patient records. All these measurements (features) are not important or irrelevant/noisy. These features may be especially harmful in the case of relatively small training sets, where this irrelevancy and redundancy is harder to evaluate. On the(More)
Breast cancer is the most common malignant tumor found among young and middle aged women. Feature Selection is a process of selecting most enlightening features from the data set which preserves the original significance of the features following reduction. The traditional rough set method cannot be directly applied to deafening data. This is usually(More)
The dominating set concept in graphs has been used in many applications. In large graphs finding the minimum dominating set is difficult. The minimum dominating set problem in graphs seek a set D of minimum number of vertices such that each vertex of the graph is either in D or adjacent to a vertex in D. In a graph on n nodes if there is a single node of(More)
— Lung cancer is the deadliest type of cancer for both men and women. Feature selection plays a vital role in cancer classification. This paper investigates the feature selection process in Computed Tomographic (CT) lung cancer images using soft set theory. We propose a new soft set based unsupervised feature selection algorithm. Nineteen features are(More)
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