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This epidemiological study was carried out to evaluate the possible association between occupational exposure to ethylenebisdithiocarbamates (EDBC) and allergy. The study was conducted in four countries in the European Union: The Netherlands, Finland, Italy and Bulgaria. A total of 248 workers exposed to EDBC and 231 non-occupationally exposed subjects(More)
Ethylenebisdithiocarbamates are widely used as fungicides in agriculture. Although EBDC's have a low acute toxicity, they are suspected to have immune effects at low doses. However, little human studies on these effects have been published. In the Netherlands, a study was conducted among pesticide exposed workers aimed at evaluating the short-term and(More)
In the course of normal development in man, the middle and largest part of the second branchial arch, the keratohyal cartilage, develops into a fibrous cord, the so-called stylohyoid ligament. Ossification takes place solely at its two ends, that is, in the hyoid bone and in the styloid process of the skull. In the present paper the significance for the(More)
In the classical teaching system, the different disciplines required for the education of physicians are given separately, not only in location but also in time. The latter is very obvious, as sometimes years separate the teaching of basic sciences and clinical disciplines. Integration of the different "building blocks" is, for a considerable part, left to(More)
Des cellules HeLa cultivées dans un milieu qui contient du sérum de cheval, ont été transférées dans un milieu contenant du sérum humain. On a essayé, à différents moments, de détecter la présence de protéines de cheval dans les cellules transférées. Seules les cellules, qui ont été retirées du milieu hétérologue avant 48 h, donnent des réactions(More)