G J Schonholtz

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Moraxella osloensis pyarthrosis of the knee joint is an unusual infection. The diagnosis can be quite difficult since the organism is fastidious in its growth characteristics. This case report presents an adult with M. osloensis sepsis of the knee, which could only be diagnosed by arthroscopic synovial biopsy and culture. Moreover, arthroscopy played a(More)
From October 1977 through January 1984, 2,330 arthroscopic procedures of the knee were performed by one of the authors (G.J.S.). Among these procedures, 35 lateral retinacular releases were performed through minimal, lateral incisions. Twenty-two knees in 22 patients were available for follow-up evaluation, and these cases were reviewed retrospectively. The(More)
The purpose of this article is to present the fourth case report of bilateral discoid medial menisci. A previously unreported anomaly of the tibial plateaus associated with the discoid menisci was also present bilaterally. The patient was treated successfully by excision of the central anomalous discoid portion of the menisci, using arthroscopic techniques.
We developed a new operative procedure of coracoacromial ligament release for shoulder impingement syndrome. The operative procedure was confirmed by cadaveric studies and applied to clinical cases in 40 shoulders of 37 patients who suffered from shoulder impingement without bony abnormalities. The subacromial space was observed under local anesthesia using(More)
Contamination of operative wounds during surgery occurs primarily through contact and secondarily through the airborne route. Inspection and maintenance of air-handling equipment is essential, with special reference to air intakes, filters, humidifiers, and exhaust systems. Doors should remain closed to maintain positive pressure. Surgical attire for all(More)