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OBJECTIVE To determine which attributes of clinical practice guidelines influence the use of guidelines in decision making in clinical practice. DESIGN Observational study relating the use of 47 different recommendations from 10 national clinical guidelines to 12 different attributes of clinical guidelines-for example, evidence based, controversial,(More)
AIMS/HYPOTHESIS The Anglo-Danish-Dutch study of intensive treatment in people with screen-detected diabetes in primary care (ADDITION) is a pragmatic randomised controlled trial of the effectiveness of intensified multi-factorial treatment on 5 year cardiovascular morbidity and mortality rates in people with screen-detected type 2 diabetes in the(More)
A diabetes protocol characterized by self-monitoring of blood glucose was introduced in four general practices with the aim of making the frequency of consultations dependent on the metabolic regulation and emphasizing body weight reduction. The feasibility of the programme was investigated and the results after 1 year were compared with those of(More)
Psychological distress can trigger acute coronary syndromes and sudden cardiac death in vulnerable patients. The primary pathophysiological mechanism that plays a role in stress-induced cardiac events involves the autonomic nervous system, particularly disproportional sympathetic activation and parasympathetic withdrawal. This article describes the relation(More)
The aim of this general practice study was to examine how the consulting behaviour of patients with a cough was affected when the tasks and responsibilities of patients, practice nurses and general practitioners were reorganized. In four 'average' single-handed general practices the effects on the consulting behaviour of patients of a rational practice(More)
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