G. J. Porter

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Rupture of plantaris muscle is demonstrated in two patients, one with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and one with ultrasound. This entity, thought to be clinically common, has never before been demonstrated at surgery or with imaging. Anatomic and physiologic aspects of the diagnosis that enable radiologists to make the diagnosis, once familiar with the(More)
Two patients with fatal cervical cord compressive myelopathy are described, both of whom had been on dialysis for more than 15 years. Destructive changes were noted in mid and upper cervical regions, with soft tissue mass in the atlanto-occipital region in one patient. Clinical and radiographic findings suggest both amyloid and hyperparathyroidism as(More)
BACKGROUND and objective: Since the original description of psoriatic arthritis (PsA) subgroups by Moll and Wright, there has been some discrepancy in the precise prevalence of the different subgroups and in particular the proportion of patients with polyarthritis. The higher prevalence of the polyarthritis subgroup may be due to the inclusion of patients(More)
Three hips with avascular necrosis in two patients had associated traumatic lesions noted on magnetic resonance imaging. Location of stress fracture in two femoral necks and acetabular contusion development prior to avascular necrosis favors these processes as being etiologic. These cases are particularly noteworthy in that nondisplaced fractures or other(More)
Five hundred and three patients with RA were questioned about the symptom of back pain. Chronic back pain, lasting more than 3 months, occurred in 33 per cent of the group. A group of 100 back pain patients were studied in more detail using a structured questionnaire, clinical examination and radiology. Ninety-four of these patients had low back pain.(More)
BACKGROUND Proctitis after radiation therapy for prostate cancer remains an ongoing clinical challenge and critical quality of life issue. SBRT could minimize rectal toxicity by reducing the volume of rectum receiving high radiation doses and offers the potential radiobiologic benefits of hypofractionation. This study sought to evaluate the incidence and(More)
We report three patients with multiple hereditary osteochondromatosis with pelvic CT findings indicating the presence of multiple small osteochondromata. Despite normal appearance of plain radiography in these cases, a characteristic wavy appearance of pelvic brim, which has not been described to date, was clearly shown in all three cases. The finding of(More)
The algebraic and array-value orientations of APL make it a very desirable language to use for geometry. A point is given by its coordinates, a line by its endpoints, and more generally, a polyline or stroke by an ordered collection of N points. These are all arrays. More complicated pictures can be created as a union of these elements.In this note we(More)
BACKGROUND Paget's disease of bone is common and often undiagnosed in the population. The association of Paget's disease and osteoarthritis is well described but only in cases ascertained in secondary and tertiary care centres to which they have been referred largely because of pain. This study represents an attempt to confirm the association between(More)