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The potential of Euglossini bees, especially Euglossa, as biological indicators of organic vs nonorganic coffee farms was studied in Atenas and San Isidro, Alajuela, Costa Rica using 1.8-cineole as lure. Observations were made for three days at each of four farms and complemented with data from a year of observations. Orchid bees were in greater abundance(More)
The production of large quantities of functional vascularized bone tissue ex vivo still represent an unmet clinical challenge. Microcarriers offer a potential solution to scalable manufacture of bone tissue due to their high surface area-to-volume ratio and the capacity to be assembled using a modular approach. Microcarriers made of phosphate bioactive(More)
Strontium- and calcium-releasing, titanium-stabilised phosphate-based glasses with a controlled degradation rate are currently under development for orthopaedic tissue engineering applications. Ca and/or Sr were incorporated at varying concentrations in quaternary phosphate-based glasses, in order to promote osteoinduction. Ti was incorporated at a fixed(More)
In the present study, we report a new and facile sol-gel synthesis of phosphate-based glasses with the general formula of (P2O5)55-(CaO)25-(Na2O)(20-x)-(TiO2) x , where x = 0, 5, 10 or 15, for bone tissue engineering applications. The sol-gel synthesis method allows greater control over glass morphology at relatively low processing temperature (200 °C) in(More)
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