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Three cases of fatal cerebral mycosis in males with prior histories of intravenous drug use from the United States and Australia are reported. Infection in each case was limited to brain abscess; no other sites of infection were observed. The fungus seen by histopathology and isolated from the brain tissue in each case was identified as Chaetomium(More)
We demonstrate experimentally second-harmonic generation in waveguides induced by photorefractive solitons and show that the conversion efficiency is improved considerably. These induced waveguides are flexible and can be generated in any crystalline direction that allows soliton formation, and thus offer broad tunability (by rotation of the crystal), which(More)
We have determined the optical damage threshold of orthorhombic potassium niobate under pulsed laser irradiation for wavelengths of 1054 and 527 nm and pulse durations of 700 and 500 ps, respectively. Six uncoated crystals and two crystals with antireflection coating were tested. The single-shot damage thresholds varied between 4.1 J/cm(2) at 527 nm (lowest(More)
Optical and electrical measurements have been made on a new codoped potassium niobate crystal (KNbO3:Fe,Ag) that yields a significant enhancement of the photorefractive and photovoltaic effects when compared with the published results for singly doped potassium niobate crystals. The codoped Ag impurity enters the K site, rather than the typical Nb site,(More)
A miniature 1.5-mm-long monolithic Nd:YVO(4) laser was end pumped with a Ti-sapphire laser. The Nd-doping density was 3 at. %. The maximum output power obtained with 885 mW of absorbed pump power was 495 mW at 1.064 µm. The maximum slope efficiency was 57%, and the output power was only slightly dependent on pump polarization. Laser diode pumping was also(More)
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