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The distribution of S mutans biotypes in five geographically separated human populations was investigated. Samples of dental plaque were obtained from recruits at the US Naval Training Center in Orlando, Fl (N=49) in San Diego, Calif (N=25), and in Great Lakes, Ill (N=194), and from a sample of Hawaiian school children (N=55) and Saudi Arabian Navy(More)
A group of 217 Saudi Arabian naval recruits were examined clinically, radiographically, and microbiologically for the prevalence of Streptococcus mutans. Caries experience was considerably lower than in US recruits of comparable age and showed a significant positive correlation with the prevalence of S mutans in dental plaque samples. The distribution of S(More)
Samples of dental plaque obtained from the interproximal tooth surfaces of seven young men showed considerable variation in the prevalence and anatomic site distribution of the potentially cariogenic microorganism S mutans. Multiple application of 10% SnF2 topical solution and saline solution delivered to interproximal test sites with dental floss were(More)
Glucose taste detection thresholds were determined in 41 cariesfree recruits and 53 recruits with caries experience. Cariesfree detection thresholds ranged from 5 to 45 mM/liter, with a mean of 13.4 +/- 1.7 whereas that of the control group ranged from 5 to 50 mM/liter with a mean of 22.3 +/- 1.7 (P less than 0.01). A Kilmogorov-Smirnov two-sample test(More)
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