G J Karillon

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Structural adaptation of the blood vessel wall occurs in response to mechanical factors related to blood pressure and flow. To elucidate the relative roles of pressure, flow, and medium composition, we have developed a novel organ culture system in which rabbit thoracic aorta, held at in vivo length, can be perfused and pressurized at independently varied(More)
The incidence of heart failure in octogenarians is high and its diagnosis not always easy. In many cases it is made by excess or by omission. Obtaining a history is often difficult. Signs may be masked, false or indicative of another disease process. Dyspnea, edema of the lower limbs and crepitations are relatively non-specific. Jugular distension, tender(More)
BACKGROUND Mortality and morbidity rates are higher in diabetics compared to non-diabetics after acute myocardial infarction (AMI). Previous angiographic studies regarding primary angioplasty for the treatment of AMI found that angioplasty was similarly successful in diabetics and non-diabetics. However, it is noteworthy that patients of "real life" are(More)
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