G.J. Grillo

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This paper presents a new filter topology for analog signals processing in phase detector and decoder systems. This procedure takes advantages of switched-capacitor filter to guarantee high stability of filter parameters, avoiding any kind of drifts and shifts of central frequency of band pass stages. So, it is possible to hold the value of additional phase(More)
This paper shows the practical results from a detailed comparative study of amplitude and phase fluorescence-spectroscopy methods for dissolved oxygen concentration evaluation. These results were obtained with an implemented optoelectronic measurement system that guarantees near-optimal operation conditions for both methods and a commercial fluorescence(More)
Mastitis is a serious problem for milk cattle farming and one of the worst worries for farmers. Somatic cell count (SCC) is both a diagnostic tool and a cause of concern by itself as milk quality and yield are affected by somatic cell activity. This work examines the tools available for the estimation of somatic cell counts in raw milk, including methods(More)
Somatic Cell Count (SCC) is an important indicator in detecting the mastitis infection in cows: SCC is a measure of milk quality. Direct Optical Microscopy is the reference method for SCC evaluation, but it is extremely time consuming. This paper shows the advantageous results of applying a low-cost video microscopy system that evaluates somatic cell(More)
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