G J Griffiths

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Twenty-six patients with Ewing's tumor were studied. The spine was involved in eleven patients; the clinical and roentgenologic features of these are described. Four patients had primary Ewing's tumor of the spine; one showed uniform sclerosis of a single vertebra, a hitherto unreported finding. Two showed bone destruction; one showed no bone change on(More)
The side effects and patient acceptability of 230 ultrasound guided prostatic needle biopsies performed by the transrectal route in an out-patient setting were reviewed retrospectively. Most of the side effects were transient and mild; one patient required hospitalization for urinary retention. Patient acceptability was good; over 70% of patients reported(More)
The transrectal ultrasound findings in 52 patients with haemospermia were reviewed. Scan abnormalities were demonstrated in 43 patients (83%). These included benign prostatic hyperplasia (24 patients), seminal vesicle abnormalities (10 patients), prostatic calcification (32 patients) and two patients with prostatitis. No patient was proven to have prostatic(More)
Three hundred and fifty-two patients have been examined by per-rectal ultrasound and histological confirmation of the diagnosis was obtained in 242 cases. Per-rectal ultrasound compared favourably with digital palpation both as a method of diagnosing prostatic cancer and also as a method of staging a primary tumour. Confirmation of the accuracy of this(More)
The response of non-nodulated cowpea (Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp. cv Caloona) to a wide range of NO(3) levels in the rooting medium was studied 40 days after sowing by in vitro assays of plant organs for NO(3) reductase (EC and analyses of root bleeding (xylem) sap for nitrogenous solutes. Plants fed 1, 5, 10, 20, and 40 millimolar NO(3) showed,(More)
Thw radiological appearances found in the pelvis and hip joints in 79 patients with cerebral palsy, aged 5--16 years, have been studied. These findings have been recorded and correlated with the clinical severity and distribution of the disease. Subluxation of the hip joints was found in 14% and dislocation in a further 6%. Spasticity was the predominant(More)
A study was made of 100 cadaveric prostates (71 benign glands and 29 invaded by adenocarcinoma) using a technique that enabled per-rectal ultrasonography to be carried out and their volumes measured by computed planimetry. These volumes were compared directly with the actual volumes of the glands measured after dissection from the cadaver specimens. A high(More)
BACKGROUND Serum/plasma albumin is an important predictor of future mortality/morbidity in haemodialysis (HD) patients and has been proposed as an important audit measure. Different methods of albumin assay give different results and the bias between methods may be greater in renal failure patients. METHODS Albumin concentration in plasma was measured by(More)
To examine the extent of variation between experienced observers in recognizing renal scarring, 60 intravenous urograms from schoolgirls with bacteriuria were presented separately to three radiologists with a major interest in the radiology of the urinary tract. Observers were asked to state whether scarring was "absent", "doubtful" or "present" at each of(More)