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The conformation of the histone octamer is shown to depend upon the specific salt used to solubilize it. In 2M sodium chloride the octamer is similar in size and shape to the histone component of crystallized core nucleosomes. In contrast, in 3.5M ammonium sulfate the octamer is elongated, resembling an ellipsoid with approximate dimensions of 114 by 62 by(More)
A structural model for the chicken liver fatty acid synthase is proposed based on electron microscope and small-angle neutron-scattering studies of the enzyme. The model has the overall appearance of two side by side cylinders with dimensions of 160 X 146 X 73 A, with each subunit 160 A in length and 73 A in diameter. The model was constructed by dividing(More)
Flow birefringence and extinction angles have been measured for HMG 14 complexes with nucleosome core particles from chicken erythrocytes under cooperative "tight" binding conditions, and for the uncomplexed core particles used in the preparations. Results are interpreted using optical models for the observed DNA anisotropy, and are compared to recent small(More)
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