G. J. Barnes

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BACKGROUND The periodic health evaluation (PHE) has been a fundamental part of medical practice for decades despite a lack of consensus on its value. PURPOSE To synthesize the evidence on benefits and harms of the PHE. DATA SOURCES Electronic searches of such databases as MEDLINE and the Cochrane Library, review of reference lists, and hand- searching(More)
OBJECTIVES To review and synthesize published literature on the efficacy of multivitamin/mineral supplements and certain single nutrient supplements in the primary prevention of chronic disease in the general adult population, and on the safety of multivitamin/mineral supplements and certain single nutrient supplements, likely to be included in(More)
Acoustic analyses of upper airway and phonatory stability were conducted on samples of sustained phonation to evaluate the relation between laryngeal and articulomotor stability for 31 patients with dysarthria and 12 non-dysarthric control subjects. Significantly higher values were found for the variability in fundamental frequency and format frequency of(More)
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