G J Bakker

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Patterns of innervation were examined in tandem muscle spindles teased from silver-stained muscles of the cat neck. Each tandem spindle was composed of two or more encapsulated receptors linked in series by a shared bag2 fiber. In most tandem spindles, two different types of encapsulation were identified according to differences in their intrafusal fiber(More)
1. The neck muscle biventer cervicis is supplied by five separate nerve bundles that originate from segments C2-C5 and enter the muscle at different rostrocaudal levels. We have used the glycogen-depletion method to investigate the distribution of muscle fibers supplied by each nerve bundle and also the extent of motor-unit territories supplied by single(More)
  • H A P Blom, G J Bakker, P J G Blanker, J Daams, M H C Everdij, M B Klompstra
  • 1999
Thousands Hundreds Tens Localised interaction Distributed interaction Highly distributed interaction Summary By now, safety is recognised as a key quality on which to select/design advanced ATM concepts, even when capacity and efficiency are the drivers of the development. The safety target is often described as 'equal or better' in comparison with existing(More)
  • Henk A P Blom, H A P Blom, B Klein Obbink, G J Bakker, J Krystul, Monte Carlo +7 others
  • 2010
Despite advances in formal and probabilistic verification approaches, fault and event trees are still the dominant techniques used for safety risk analysis in aviation. However, the combination of concurrent, dynamic, and random effects that appear in air traffic cannot properly be captured by these classical techniques. In this lecture, it will be(More)
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