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We present new estimates of TFP growth at the sectoral level and an account of sectoral contributions to overall productivity growth. We improve on Kendrick (1961) in several ways including expanding the coverage of sectors, extending estimates to 1941, and better accounting for labor quality. The results have important implications including that the(More)
With increasing traffic there often are environmental and economical reasons to optimise Simultaneous Converging Instrument Approaches (SCIA) without sacrificing the high safety levels realised in air traffic. One of the well known safety issues of SCIA is the risk of a mid air collision due to a double missed approach. The aim of this paper is to show(More)
Patterns of innervation were examined in tandem muscle spindles teased from silver-stained muscles of the cat neck. Each tandem spindle was composed of two or more encapsulated receptors linked in series by a shared bag2 fiber. In most tandem spindles, two different types of encapsulation were identified according to differences in their intrafusal fiber(More)
1. The neck muscle biventer cervicis is supplied by five separate nerve bundles that originate from segments C2-C5 and enter the muscle at different rostrocaudal levels. We have used the glycogen-depletion method to investigate the distribution of muscle fibers supplied by each nerve bundle and also the extent of motor-unit territories supplied by single(More)
paper studies probabilistic reachability analysis for large scale stochastic hybrid systems (SHS) as a problem of rare event estimation. In literature, advanced rare event estimation theory has recently been embedded within a stochastic analysis framework, and this has led to significant novel results in rare event estimation for a diffusion process using(More)
Air travel reregulation has had major and essentially unintended and unforeseen consequences for regional productivity levels. This paper explores how these impacts have been articulated through flows of labour migrants, knowledge, business connectivity/investment, and mobile markets, especially tourism. It seeks to develop a conceptual framework for(More)