G. J. A. Gutierrez

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In this work, we report the heat rectifying capability of α-helices. Using molecular dynamics simulations we show an increased thermal diffusivity in the C-Terminal to N-Terminal direction of propagation. The origin of this effect seems to be a function of the particular orientation of the hydrogen bonds stabilizing these α-helices. Our results may be(More)
A simple model to predict the directionality of vibrational energy flow at molecular level is presented. This model is based on a vibrational energy propagation analysis using ab intio molecular dynamics and the Fukui function and local softness reactivity indexes derived from DFT. By using this simple conceptual model we are giving a cogent rationale to(More)
The strength of key interfacial contacts that stabilize protein–protein interactions have been studied by computer simulation. Experimentally, changes in the interface are evaluated by generating specific mutations at one or more points of the protein structure. Here, such an evaluation is performed by means of steered molecular dynamics and use of a(More)
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