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Using radioimmunoassay determination we examined the recovery rate of 100 units of regular insulin that had been added to 50 ml. of a carrier solution in a plastic Perfusor syringe. We measured the recovery rate with sodium chloride 0.9% as carrier and after adding albumin (10 g./l.) and gelatine (6 g./l. resp. 12 g./l.). An initial insulin loss of 26%(More)
A case of catheter-induced cardiac tamponade followed by successfully treated cardiac arrest is reported in a 5-month old infant with oesophageal atresia. The complication occurred after a delay of 16 h following catheter placement and was diagnosed by ultra-sound technique. Treatment consisted of direct pericardial puncture. Cardiac tamponade is an(More)
Analgo-sedation for ESWL treatment has been associated with a variety of problems. Minimal invasiveness of this technique should combine with haemodynamic stability as well as with adequate oxygenation. Patient acceptance has to be considered as another important aspect. Our study demonstrates the effectiveness of an analgosedative regimen with regard to(More)
Thiopentone (thp) infusion was administered to 33 patients with cerebral dysfunction or convulsions out of 2986 patients operated on via extracorporeal circulation because of valvular disease, coronary insufficiency, septum defects and intrathoracic aortic aneurysms. If phenytoin, diazepam and clonazepam proved ineffective, thp 10-15 mg/kg was injected(More)
We studied the serum aluminium levels of 30 intensive care patients receiving six daily doses of magaldrate (Riopan®) or aluminium hydroxide (Trigastril®). In both groups we found a significant rise of the serum aluminium concentration (p<0.01) following administration of the antacid solutions. Examination on day 9 and 15 the magaldrate group showed(More)
A 81-year-old patient developed a TUR-syndrome gradually one and half an hour after termination of TURP. Surgery was complicated by perforation of the bladder dome at the end of TURP. Due to extravasation of the perioperative irrigating fluid intraperitoneally and intravascular resorption a TUR-syndrome became apparent. Early diagnosis and rapid initiation(More)
The role of artificial ventilation as an exogenous source of nosocomial pneumonia in long-term ventilated patients is well established. Hence, decontamination of respirators after use is inevitable, although this procedure is costly and time-consuming. The purpose of the study was to prove the efficacy of bacterial filters (Ultipor BB 50, Pall Ltd.,(More)
Cardiac arrest is followed by complete cerebral ischemia, which is characterized by delayed hypoperfusion and transient hypermetabolism. Brain metabolism depressant drugs, such as barbiturates, were suggested to improve neuronal outcome. The hypothesis of a cerebroprotective effect of barbiturates remained nevertheless controversial. In order to define the(More)