G. Jäger

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– For control applications aiming accurate positioning and path tracking friction modelling and compensation can be very important, especially when working with small displacements as usual in nano technologies. The paper at hand describes friction identification and friction model application for a linear high-precision ball bearing guide driven by a voice(More)
In this contribution, we report on different miniaturized bulk micro machined three-axes piezoresistive force sensors for nanopositioning and nanomeasuring machine (NPMM). Various boss membrane structures, such as one boss full/cross, five boss full/cross and swastika membranes, were used as a basic structure for the force sensors. All designs have 16(More)
We develop a theory of stratified LM-filters which generalizes the theory of stratified L-filters. Our stratification condition explicitly depends on a suitable mapping between the lattices L and M. If L and M are identical and the mapping is the identity mapping, then we obtain the theory of stratified L-filters. Based on the stratified LM-filters, a(More)
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