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We describe a convenient, versatile and safe method for preparing bacterial DNA for ribotyping analysis. In this method, extraction of bacterial DNA from Salmnonella typhi and Burkholderia pseudomallei. and subsequent restriction endonuclease digestion, was performed in agarose blocks/plugs thus minimizing shearing and loss of DNA, problems commonly(More)
This paper presents the integration of a proposed enhanced multi-object color tracking and navigation algorithms for multi-robot navigation performance enhancement. The proposed integrated system architecture consists of a server with an attached camera vision sensor and mobile clients (robots), each client is equipped with a PDA, Bluetooth communication(More)
In this paper, He's amplitude-frequency formulation is used to obtain a periodic solution of a nonlinear oscillator. We illustrate that He's amplitude-frequency formulation is very effective and convenient and does not require linearization or small perturbation. The obtained results are valid for the whole solution domain with high accuracy.
In this study, homotopy perturbation method and parameter expanding method are applied to the motion equations of two nonlinear oscillators. Our results show that both the (HPM) and (PEM) yield the same results for the nonlinear problems. In comparison with the exact solution, the results show that these methods are very convenient for solving nonlinear(More)
Biofeedback is a therapy currently being researched to treat many psychological and physiological disorders. EEG biofeedback involves monitoring and altering brain activity. It has been shown to effectively treat such problems as epilepsy and brain disorders. To apply this technology on a personal setting, an inexpensive and user-friendly device, capable of(More)
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