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In recent years applications such as mp3 players, SSD, digital cameras and video camcorders have driven the development of increasingly higher density NAND memories. In the presented 3b/cell memory the read and programming throughputs are been enhanced with the adoption of a quad-plane architecture and an industry standard even-odd bitline (BL) decoding(More)
Acute arterial obstruction of the limbs represents one of the most frequent events in Emergency Surgery. In 95% of the cases, the cause has to be searched in embolus parting from the heart in patients with rheumatic or fibrillary disease. Currently the two therapeutic methods used for peripheral arterial obstruction are thrombolytic therapy and surgical(More)
The Authors, after a Literature review on endovascular invasive procedures used for inferior limbs obstructive arteriopathy, describe the use of a new device for mechanical endarterectomy. Through the latest acquired experience the importance of dissecting progressively the single layers of the atheroma plaque without arriving to a complete denudation of(More)
The Authors report the case of a male patient, 52 year old, suffering from retroperitoneal leiomyosarcoma, submitted to multiple operations in the space of about seven years, for the presence of liver metastases and local relapses; the good general health state, the moderate grade of the neoplasm and the disease's fair interval free, have justified the(More)
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