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INTRODUCTION Studies have shown that depression or anxiety occur in 10-20% of pregnant women. These disorders are often undertreated and may affect mothers and children's health. This study investigates the relation between antenatal maternal depression, anxiety and children's early cognitive development among 1380 two-year-old children and 1227(More)
Benzodiazepines (BZ) are often diverted from legal sources to illicit markets at various points in the distribution process beginning with a pharmaceutical manufacturer, followed by healthcare providers, and finally, to the intended users. Little is known about the extent of BZ diversion involving distribution points directly related to healthcare sources(More)
Latino gay men report experiences of racial discrimination within and outside the gay community. This study focused on correlates of racism within general and gay contexts. Racism was assessed in a probability sample of 911 Latino gay men recruited from 3 U.S. cities. Factor analysis of the 10-item scale produced 2 factors: (a) General Racism Experiences,(More)
BACKGROUND Home is generally perceived as a safety place, whereas the concentration of pollutants, influenced not only by external pollution but also by human activities, the presence of domestic animals, construction and furniture materials, are sometimes greater than outside. OBJECTIVES The aim of this study is to determine the general practitioners'(More)
Familismo in the Latino culture is a value hallmarked by close relations with nuclear and extended family members throughout the life span, with pronounced levels of loyalty, reciprocity, and solidarity. Familismo is posited as health protective against alcohol misuse among Latinos in the United States. This study examines the relative influence of pre- and(More)
Continuous assessment of the radiometric response of Earth Observation (EO) satellite imagers is necessary for the quality assurance of derived data products. With the launch of South Africa's SumbandilaSat in September 2009, a number of vicarious calibration campaigns have been planned and executed to meet this requirement for the high-resolution(More)
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