G I Vorob'ev

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The data on restorative treatment of 215 patients with double-channel and terminal colostomy are analysed to determine the efficacy of total lavage of the gastrointestinal tract in preparation of patients for operation. Postoperative complications occurred in 52.4 +/- 3.8% of patients prepared by a diet, purgatives, and enemas and in 34 +/- 6.9% in those(More)
From analysis of the surgical treatment of 36 patients with rectal leiomyoma the authors suggest and substantiate the indications for various types of operative interventions according to the size and location of the tumor. The late-term results of the treatment were studied in all patients who underwent surgery and a brief review of literature on the(More)
Issues involved in closure of double-barreled and lateral colostomies in patients with cancer of the large bowel were analysed to find out whether the latter disease is a risk factor in reconstructive surgery. The analysis included 215 patients. In 77 (35.8%) of them, colostomy was formed in the course of treatment for large bowel cancer. Two groups of(More)
A new method for preparing the large intestine for operation is suggested, it is based on oral administration of a solution of polyethylene oxides with chloramphenicol. The preparation possesses a marked hydrophilic activity, which causes inhibition of absorption processes in the lumen of the intestinal tube. This leads to accumulation of the intestinal(More)