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The content of the main nutrients, as well as amino-acid, fatty-acid and mineral composition of a protein concentrate prepared from yeast-Saccharomyces grown in molasses were studied. It was found that the product contained a significant amount of protein, all essential amino acids, insignificant quantity of lipids in which saturated fatty acids prevailed.(More)
A dry protein mixture (DPM) consists of dry slaughtered animal blood clarified by means of the peroxide-catalase system and dry skim milk at a ratio of 1:1. A study was made of organoleptic properties of the DPM, the composition of nutrients and biological efficacy in experiments on animals. The DPM is light yellow powder without specific taste and odor of(More)
A possible hypocholesteremic property was studied of food fibers from barley in a subchronic experiment on 60 white nondescript male rats under developing hypercholesterolemia of alimentary genesis. An aggravated dose of the above fibers has been shown to reduce deviations from the reference level brought about by administration of exogenous cholesterin. On(More)
Modern approaches to the study of the quality of new protein products are reviewed. It is suggested that the food value of the products (organoleptic properties, the composition of nutrients, biological value) and their safety for the animal body should be examined. A possible chronic toxic and sensitizing action of new protein products, their effects on(More)
A study was made of the safety of a product consisting of dry clarified blood obtained by means of the peroxide-catalase system, and dry defattened milk in a ratio of 1:1. White rats received the diets containing casein as a source of protein (control) and a dry protein mixture (experimental). In acute experiments, the animals received 36% of protein as(More)