G I Sinclair

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Holographic or diffractive optical components are widely implemented using spatial light modulators within optical tweezers to form multiple, and/or modified traps. We show that by further modifying the hologram design to account for residual aberrations, the fidelity of the focused beams can be significantly improved, quantified by a spot sharpness metric.(More)
We have examined the role of microtubules (MTs) in the development and maintenance of the cytoplasmic compartmentation of ribosomes in cultured embryonic chick sensory neurons. Control neurons show a sharp cytoplasmic demarcation between the ribosome-rich/MT-deficient 'translational' cytoplasm of the perikaryon and the ribosome-deficient/MT-rich(More)
We present a micropatterning method for the automatic transfer and arbitrary positioning of computer-generated three-dimensional structures within a substrate. The Gerchberg-Saxton algorithm and an electrically addressed spatial light modulator (SLM) are used to create and display phase holograms, respectively. A holographic approach to light manipulation(More)
We investigated the role of microtubules in the compartmentation of motility and endocytosis in the neurite shaft and growth cone of cultured chick sensory neurons. As reported previously by Letourneau and Ressler (J. Cell Biol., 98 (1984) 1355-1362), stimulating microtubule polymerization with taxol inhibits growth cone motility. In neurons that had grown(More)
  • Astrid Van Der Horst, Nancy R Forde, J A M Ashkin, J E Dziedzic, S Bjorkholm, Chu +106 others
  • 2008
Holographic optical tweezers (HOTs) enable the manipulation of multiple traps independently in three dimensions in real time. Application of this technique to force measurements requires calibration of trap stiffness and its position dependence. Here, we determine the trap stiffness of HOTs as they are steered in two dimensions. To do this, we trap a single(More)
We investigate holographic optical trapping combined with step-and-repeat maskless projection stereolithography for fine control of 3D position of living cells within a 3D microstructured hydrogel. C2C12 myoblast cells were chosen as a demonstration platform since their development into multinucleated myotubes requires linear arrangements of myoblasts.(More)
Bacteriuria occurred postoperatively in 28 of 122 patients who had sterile urine before transurethral prostatectomy without antibiotic prophylaxis. Prospective monitoring of catheter bacteriuria indicated that a bacterial count of 10(3) colony-forming-units (cfu/ml progressed to significant infection except when the bacterium in the urine was Staphylococcus(More)
Phase spatial light modulators (SLMs) are widely used for generating multifocal three-dimensional (3D) illumination patterns, but these are limited to a field of view constrained by the pixel count or size of the SLM. Further, with two-photon SLM-based excitation, increasing the number of focal spots penalizes the total signal linearly—requiring more laser(More)
We demonstrate a diffractive maskless lithographic system that is capable of rapidly performing both serial and single-shot micropatterning. Utilizing the diffractive properties of phase holograms displayed on a spatial light modulator, arbitrary intensity distributions were produced to form two and three dimensional micropatterns/structures in a variety of(More)
T h is pa p er argues th at wo rk ing m em ory is heavily involved in lan gu age acqu isition as (a) a m ajor p ar t of lan gu age lear nin g is th e lear n ing of sequ en ces, (b) w orking m em ory allow s sh or t-ter m m ain ten an ce of sequ en ce infor m ation , an d (c) sh or t-ter m reh ear sa l of sequ en ces prom otes the con so lid ation of lon(More)
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