G. I. Mgaloblishvili

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Authors offer a new technique of plasma radiation treatment of purulent-septic complications of battle wounds of extremities. Complex treatment of 96 patients: processing and an irradiation of wound and purulent cavity by means of plasma streams, authentically improved the outcome, reduced quantity of septic complications, and considerably reduced average(More)
Experimental data on the application of plasma streams (PS) for the treatment of gunshot wounds of extremities is presented. On the basis of the investigated material (20 animals in which treatment included PS compared to 10 animals where treatment was carried out without SP application) it was established, that bullet wounds of extremities are cleared of(More)
The article reviews activities of Tbilisi Military Hospital (MTH) during the period from 1808 to 2007. The information disseminated in periodicals and other sources of information was studied. The surgical activity of the hospital is the main subject for the review. The MTH played significant role in the development of social medicine study and research of(More)
It has been shown experimentally [i, 2, 7, 8] that the blood sugar level of animals and man can be controlled by a conditoned reflex. In particular, conditoned hypoglycemia can be produced in dogs if in a series of experiments instad of glucose, an equal volume of physiological saline is injected [8]. Meanwhile, studies of transfer of acquired skills with(More)