G I Hurowitz

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We report six cases of rapid mood cycling induced by antidepressant treatment. The key to effective treatment involved the recognition of the pattern of apparent remission, relapse, antidepressant and/or stimulant adjustment, remission, relapse, etc. Hypomanic episodes were frequently mild and could be mistaken for remission. The destabilizing effects of(More)
Deficiency of hexosaminidase A causes the GM2 gangliosidosis known as Tay-Sachs disease. It is now known that this condition has several late-onset variants that cause numerous neuropsychiatric disturbances. Early recognition is important because treatment with phenothiazines and heterocyclic antidepressants may worsen the course. The authors report two(More)
The treatment of depression in patients who rapidly cycle once they receive antidepressant medication is a difficult clinical problem. Hurowitz and Liebowitz presented six patients with antidepressant-induced rapid cycling and proposed guidelines for how to manage medications in these patients. In this article, we present six new cases of(More)
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