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We report results of a search for flavor-changing neutral current (FCNC), lepton flavor, and lepton-number violating decays of the D 0 (and its antiparticle) into three and four bodies. Using data from Fermilab charm hadroproduction experiment E791, we examine modes with two leptons (muons or electrons) and a r 0 , K mesons. No evidence for any of these(More)
We present results of a search for D 0 ? D 0 mixing and doubly-Cabibbo-suppressed decays of the D 0 in Fermilab experiment E791, a xed-target charm hadroproduction experiment. We look for evidence of mixing in the decay chain D ! D ! (K or K). If the charge of the pion from the D decay is the same as the charge of the kaon from the D decay (a \wrong-sign"(More)
From a sample of 1172 +/- 61 D(+)-->pi(-)pi(+)pi(+) decays, we find gamma(D(+)-->pi(-)pi(+)pi(+))/gamma(D(+)-->K-pi(+)pi(+)) = 0.0311 +/- 0.0018(+0.0016)(-0.0026). Using a coherent amplitude analysis to fit the Dalitz plot of these decays, we find strong evidence that a scalar resonance of mass 478(+24)(-23) +/- 17 MeV/c(2) and width 324(+42)(-40) +/- 21(More)
We present the first direct measurements of the pion valence-quark momentum distribution which is related to the square of the pion light-cone wave function. The measurements were carried out using data on diffractive dissociation of 500 GeV/c pi(-) into dijets from a platinum target at Fermilab experiment E791. The results show that the /q&q> light-cone(More)
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