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A surface acoustic wave (SAW) and a leaky shear horizontal SAW (SH-SAW) have been simultaneously excited along Al 2 O 3 [1 1 ¯ 00] on an AlN(0001)=Al 2 O 3 (11 2 ¯ 0) structure. Both modes are highly sensitive to surface mass loading. The measured mass sensitivities are in good agreement with theoretical prediction, and are comparable or higher than those(More)
The effect of viscous liquid loading on SH-SAW devices on AlN=sapphire structure has been experimentally investigated. The sensitivity of the devices to liquid (glycerol=water mixtures) viscosity changes is measured to be approximate 8.2 Â 10 À9 m 2 s=kg, which is only about 30% of that of commonly used quartz Love wave devices. This indicates that, when(More)
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