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Nowadays OCD are, from a diagnostic as well as mediatic viewpoint, a very trendy phenomenon; it is also interesting to note that it occurred together with the coming out of the SSRI. A danger however results of this state of things: on the one hand, the excessive medicalisation of troubles that mostly depend on a psychotherapic approach; on the other hand,(More)
There is a close connection between psychopathology and Culture. The conformity pressure plays a prominent part in the definition of what will be considered as a normal or pathological behaviour. By some examples (Stress, PTSD, Depression) are shown the specific difficulties encountered by psychopathology with regard to the prevention strategies.
The authors report their experience on a workshop centered on brief psychotherapy (the STAPP model defined by Sifneos) in a postgraduate training in psychotherapy. STAPP, its extensed frame of reference and its relatively 'easy' access to study of essential paradigms, seems to constitute a priviledged tool in training psychiatrists to-be to the fundamental(More)
Psychomotor retardation, which is noted from the simple observation of the patient during the interview, may be considered as the best predictor of the efficacity of the antidepressor drugs. The major depressive episodes without psychomotor retardation are the most frequently encountered in clinical practice: psychotherapy alone is here relevant, without(More)