G. Horton

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Horton, G., A multi-level diffusion method for dynamic load balancing, Parallel Computing 19 (1993) 209-218. We consider the problem of dynamic load balancing for multiprocessors, for which a typical application is a parallel finite element solution method using non-structured grids and adaptive grid refinement. This type of application requires(More)
BACKGROUND Online continuing medical education (CME) offers a number of advantages for physicians including flexibility with regards to location and timing of use. In order to effect physician practices and improve patient outcomes, it is important that the development of online CME is theory and evidence-based. OBJECTIVES This paper aims to describe the(More)
1. For methods of vitamin E and selenium supplementation were evaluated using thirty-nine pregnant ewe-lambs fed on a ration containing 0.043 mg Se/kg and 25 mg vitamin E/kg. Treatments were control, fortified mineral mix (ESe salt) (300 mg vitamin E, 3 mg Se), ruminal Se pellets (505 mg Se), drench (300 mg vitamin E, 3 mg Se) and intramuscular injection(More)
ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I would like to thank everybody in E144 Collaboration with whom I worked over the period of four years. Friendly and supportive atmosphere within the collaboration contributed to the success of the experiment, which sets an example of a high energy physics experiment conducted by a small multi-discipline group. Every-week discussions within(More)
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