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The effect of cigarette smoking on conventional semen parameters (volume, total sperm count, sperm count/ml, total motility, progressive motility, morphology) was studied retrospectively in 90 healthy patients (50 non-smokers, 40 smokers) of our infertility clinic. Both groups, comparable in age, height and weight, were subdivided into two age groups (less(More)
From May 1985 to July 1989, 143 patients suffering from chronic erectile dysfunction (21-70 years old) underwent constant corpus cavernosum auto-injection therapy (CCAT) with papaverine alone (1257 injections) or with a standardized papaverine-phentolamine mixture (11035 injections). On the basis of these 12,292 protocol auto-injections and over 4 years'(More)
156 patients undergoing intracavernosal autoinjection pharmacotherapy for periods of 2-36 months were studied for the effect of treatment on self-esteem, performance anxiety, partnership and acceptance using a semi-structured questionnaire. Replies were received from 86.3% of the patients. 93% gave a very good, good or satisfactory rating of intracavernosal(More)
In 26 of 214 patients with erectile dysfunction and proved venous incompetence by cavernosography, an additional bidirectional Doppler ultrasound was performed also to demonstrate venous outflow disturbances. All except one leakage in the superficial and deep dorsal veins could be demonstrated as well as 4 of 6 cavernosum-glandular shunts. Bidirectional(More)
In 26 out of 214 patients with erectile dysfunction and venous insufficiency proven by cavernosography, bidirectional Doppler ultrasound was also performed to demonstrate venous leakage in addition. Except for one, all 25 cases of leakage in the superficial and deep dorsal veins could be demonstrated, as could four of six cases of cavernosoglandular shunts.(More)
In 33 patients with erectile dysfunction arterial inflow was measured by Doppler-sonography over the superficial dorsal and deep cavernous arteries in the proximal section after local application of 1.6 mg glycerol trinitrate (nitroglycerin) to the glans penis. With this test we were able to reveal a minimal increases in maximal systolic flow over both(More)
A total of 326 patients with chronic erectile dysfunction were investigated by a multidisciplinary approach. It was found that several causes combined (multifactorial genesis) in 77.1%. Organic causes alone were found quite frequently, viz. in 43.6%, while primarily psychogenic causes alone were found in only 5.5%; in contrast, combined organic and(More)
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