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The undulating area of the distal femoral physis has been measured in New Zealand White rabbits, by using an image analyzer in histologic sections, and correlated to radiographic measurements. The relative size of a physeal drill injury necessary to cause growth disturbance has been found to be 7-9%. A transphyseally placed tendon, even as a free graft,(More)
OBJECTIVES A total of 4756 cases of intraaortic balloon pump support have been recorded at the Massachusetts General Hospital since the first clinical insertion for cardiogenic shock in 1968. This report describes the patterns of intraaortic balloon use and associated outcomes over this time period. METHODS A retrospective record review was conducted. (More)
Infrared-spectroscopic investigations of the water content of the stratum corneum after application of emulsions and wash solutions are reported. As a methodologic variation infrared spectroscopy is applied after stripping the skin to determine the hydration of various depths of the stratum corneum by ointments. Using soap as an example, a method of(More)
In a long-term follow-up (mean 16 years) of 61 children with anterior tibial spine fractures, subjective knee function (Lysholm score) was excellent or good in 87% of the subjects and fair in 13%. Eleven percent of the children had a lower activity level (Tegner score) than desired. Muscle performance was affected in those subjects with the lowest Lysholm(More)
hydr id kristallisierte, gelbe Diaceta te CI~HlsO~N , die bet t90 ~ schmolzen, im Gemisch mi te inander keine Schmelzpunkts depression zeigten und such in ihren sonst igen Eigenschaf ten gleich waren. Die vier Despept ido-ac t inomycine selber, die keinen Schmelzpul lkt haben, wurden an H a n d ihres Inf raro t spek t rums vergl ichen und zeigten vSllige(More)
Radiography, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and arthroscopy were performed in 13 consecutive cases of osteochondral lesions of the radiocapitellar joint in 12 patients aged 11-16 years. Nine patients had a high activity level, and two patients had a significant trauma before the onset of symptoms. Symptoms were limited range of motion, pain, and(More)
Fifty children with transphyseal or osteochondral fractures were treated with biodegradable osteosynthesis material and followed for at least 1 year. All 50 fractures healed, and there were no major complications; 11 of them were fractures of the radial humeral condyle. In a prospective randomized study, they were compared with metal pin fixation of the(More)
PURPOSE The traditional approach to investigating suspected osteomyelitis in children includes conventional radiography and bone scintigraphy. The roles of US, CT and MR imaging are controversial. Our objective was to determine whether the additional use of these modalities would yield information likely to lead to treatment modification. MATERIAL AND(More)