G Hima Bindu

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Indian populations endowed with unparalleled genetic complexity have received a great deal of attention from scientists world over. However, the fundamental question over their ancestry, whether they are all genetically similar or do exhibit differences attributable to ethnicity, language, geography or socio-cultural affiliation is still unresolved. In(More)
Allele frequencies for 15 tetranucleotides and 2 pentanucleotides repeat loci were determined in 317 unrelated, healthy individuals of Andhra Pradesh, India, belonging to three pre-dominant endogamous populations namely, Kappu Naidu, Kamma Chaudhary and Kapu Reddy. Adherence to the expectations of the Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium (HWE) was confirmed for all(More)
Four tribal populations of Andhra Pradesh, South India (1), Chenchu (n=100), Lambadi (n=107), Naikpod Gond (n=104) and Yerukula (n=101) were analyzed for DNA polymorphisms at 15 tetranucleotide and 2 pentanucleotide short tandem repeat (STR) loci in the present study.
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