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One hundred twenty-two cases of the adult form of the scimitar syndrome were collected from different cardiologic centers. The clinical, radiographic and hemodynamic findings are described. The scimitar syndrome is defined as an anomalous right pulmonary venous drainage, partial or complete, to the inferior vena cava. Additional characteristics of this(More)
OBJECTIVES This randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled pilot trial evaluated the effect of dalteparin as an adjuvant to thrombolysis in patients with acute myocardial infarction regarding early reperfusion, recurrent ischemia and patency at 24 h. BACKGROUND Low-molecular-weight heparin, given subcutaneously twice daily without monitoring, might be(More)
Complications in 352 cases of fluoroscopy-guided percutaneous pericardiocentesis accomplished through an indwelling catheter were reviewed following surgery and non-surgery. Thirteen major complications were found, namely 3 cardiac perforations, 2 cardiac arrhythmias, 4 cases of arterial bleeding, 2 cases of pneumothorax in children, one infection, and one(More)
Femoral arteriography was performed in 62 patients with significant hyperlipidemia. Sixty were asymptomatic and two had intermittent claudication. The patients participated in a study aiming to demonstrate whether serum lipid lowering by drugs could influence the development of femoral artery atheromatous disease. Half of the patients were treated with(More)
The pulmonary blood flow in patients with embolism, emphysema or a tumour of the lung was measured by videodensitometry in 27 lungs from 17 patients. The results suggest that the relative regional and total lung blood flow can easily be estimated. It is also easy to demonstrate abnormalities in the distribution of the lung blood flow. The mean transit time(More)
Using a densitometric method introduced in 1977 by Crawford et coll. the volumes of segments of the femoral artery were calculated from two angiographic series in each of 13 patients. ECG gated exposures were used to minimise the error of the method. The reproducibility of the method was found to be better than in a previous study in which ECG gating was(More)