G Harbauer

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The potency and tests for thrombogenicity were studied prospectively in 7 different (two lots of each brand, A-G) prothrombin complex concentrates (PCC). Human albumine (H) and a factor IX concentrate (I), served as controls. The potency of coagulation factors and inhibitors varied considerably. Two brands (E, F) contained no protein S, additionally one(More)
A radioimmunoassay for extracted, N-acetylated human serum serotonin (5-hydroxytryptamine) is described. Antisera were raised in rabbits against a conjugate of bovine serum albumin with serotonin hemisuccinamide. Polyethylene glycol in combination with anti-rabbit immunoglobulins was used to separate bound and unbound 125I-Bolton Hunter-serotonin conjugate.(More)
The ecology of the (neo-)terminal ileum was investigated in three groups of mongrel dogs (group 1 to 3; 6 animals per each group) depending on the ileocolic connection and the resection of the terminal ileum. The efficacy of a stabilized nipple-valve-anastomosis (SNVA) was evaluated comparing the physiological ileocecal valve and the conventional(More)
The Working Group 'Blood Plasma Constituents' of the DGTI has carried out four multicenter trials with human immunoglobulins for intravenous application (IVIG). The ACA method elaborated here has led to relatively consistent ACA results for commercially available IVIG preparations in the participating laboratories. On their own, the in vitro tolerance tests(More)
Integrity of the hepatic microcirculation and maintenance of endothelial cell viability are critical components in preventing primary non-function after liver transplantation. Therefore, hepatic microcirculation and leucocyte-endothelial interaction were studied in rat livers stored for 1 h in Euro-Collins (EC), University of Wisconsin (UW), and(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of the study was to verify that the 81Rubidium/81mkrypton (81Rb/81mKr) method allows the quantitative measurement of myocardial perfusion. PRINCIPLE The potassium analogous cation 81Rb is accumulated in the myocardium by the cell membrane-bound Na-K-ATPase. After accumulation an intracellular equilibrium establishes between 81Rb and(More)
Most modifications and applications of the orthotopic rat liver transplantation (ORLT) model require clamping of the portal vein, thus leading to ischemia of the gut. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of portal vein clamping during ORLT on hepatic microcirculation and leukocyte--endothelial interaction by intravital fluorescence(More)