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The following study examines the correlation of psychosocial stress and disease activity in patients suffering from chronic inflammatory bowel diseases. 70 patients with Crohn's disease and 44 patients with ulcerative colitis took part in this study. Using an inventory for the registration of life-changing events, psychosocial life-events of the last 24(More)
Tinnitus patients often complain of psychosomatic disorders and of problems in social life. We intended to prove the modulation of tinnitus perception by psychosocial factors. We examined 48 tinnitus patients, 35 with and 13 without hearing loss. A control group of 48 patients without tinnitus, without hearing disorder and without tumor disease was adapted(More)
1. The action of tetanus toxin on the sympathetic postganglionic discharge was studied in cats. Local tetanus was produced, cutaneous afferents were electrically stimulated en bloc (whole nerve) and mass action potentials were recorded from the renal nerves. 2. The pulse modulation of the spontaneous discharge was more pronounced on the tetanus side than on(More)