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Opisthorchis viverrini and Clonorchis sinensis are important trematodes infecting humans and animals, belonging to the family Opisthorchiidae. In the present study, we sequenced the nearly complete mitochondrial (mt) DNA (mtDNA) sequences of O. viverrini from Laos, obtained the complete mtDNA sequences of C. sinensis from China and Korea, and revealed their(More)
Results of various cancer genome sequencing projects have “unexpectedly” challenged the framework of the current somatic gene mutation theory of cancer. The prevalence of diverse genetic heterogeneity observed in cancer questions the strategy of focusing on contributions of individual gene mutations. Much of the genetic heterogeneity in tumors is due to(More)
Chromosome fragmentation (C-Frag) is a newly identified MCD (mitotic cell death), distinct from apoptosis and MC (mitotic catastrophe). As different molecular mechanisms can induce C-Frag, we hypothesize that the general mechanism of its induction is a system response to cellular stress. A clear link between C-Frag and diverse system stresses generated from(More)
An algorithm for fairing two-dimensional (2D) shape formed by digitised data points is described. The application aims to derive a fair curve from a set of dense and error-®lled data points digitised from a complex surface, such that the basic shape information recorded in the original point data is relatively unaffected. The algorithm is an adaptive(More)
Mitotic cell death is an important form of cell death, particularly in cancer. Chromosome fragmentation is a major form of mitotic cell death which is identifiable during common cytogenetic analysis by its unique phenotype of progressively degraded chromosomes. This morphology however, can appear similar to the morphology of premature chromosome(More)
This paper proposes an error-based segmentation approach for direct rapid prototyping (RP) of random cloud data. The objective is to fully integrate reverse engineering and RP for rapid product development. By constructing an intermediate point-based curve model (IPCM), a layer-based RP model is directly generated from the cloud data and served as the input(More)
In vivo indentation properties of the residual limb tissues of a group of senior subjects with below-knee (BK) amputation were measured and compared with those of nondisabled young adults. It was found that differences attributable to site variations, states of muscular activity, and the differences between the nondisabled young group and the group(More)
Increasing attention is focusing on chromosomal and genome structure in cancer research due to the fact that genomic instability plays a principal role in cancer initiation, progression and response to chemotherapeutic agents. The integrity of the genome (including structural, behavioral and functional aspects) of normal and cancer cells can be monitored(More)
A curve-theorem based approach is proposed and is used to handle NDVI data. The curve-theorem based approach includes a general index CD and two nonlinear transformations SAV and CAV. It is applied to Landsat MSS images of the Yellow River Delta, taken on 1 December, 1976 and 3 December, 1988. Results show that CD can describe the general situation of(More)
A network of ten Faxon fir tree-ring width chronologies was constructed from sites ranging in elevation from 3,000 to 3,450 m in the Wolong Natural Reserve in Western Sichuan Province, China. The site chronologies display significant inter-site correlations (mean R = 0.647, p < 0.001) and the first principal component (PC1) accounts for 68.32 % of the total(More)