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This paper reviews and analyzes two reported image-rejection (IR) low-noise amplifier (LNA) design techniques based on CMOS technology, i.e., the second-order active notch filer and third-order passive notch filter. The analyses and discussions are based on the quality factor of filters and the ability of the frequency control. As the solution to deal with(More)
Vertical graphene heterostructures have been introduced as an alternative architecture for electronic devices by using quantum tunneling. Here, we present that the current on/off ratio of vertical graphene field-effect transistors is enhanced by using an armchair graphene nanoribbon as an electrode. Moreover, we report spin-dependent tunneling current of(More)
We study the ballistic edge-channel transport in quantum wires with a magnetic quantum dot, which is formed by two different magnetic fields B(*) and B0 inside and outside the dot, respectively. We find that the electron states located near the dot and the scattering of edge channels by the dot strongly depend on whether B(*) is parallel or antiparallel to(More)
The electronic properties of a modified magnetic quantum dot are studied. The modified magnetic quantum dot is a quantum structure that is formed by spatially inhomogeneous distributions of magnetic fields. Electrons are magnetically confined to the plane where the magnetic fields inside and outside the dot are different from each other. The energy spectrum(More)
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