G. H. Goodwin

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We have isolated and analyzed human CTCF cDNA clones and show here that the ubiquitously expressed 11-zinc-finger factor CTCF is an exceptionally highly conserved protein displaying 93% identity between avian and human amino acid sequences. It binds specifically to regulatory sequences in the promoter-proximal regions of chicken, mouse, and human c-myc(More)
The chicken c-myc 5'-flanking sequence has previously been shown to bind multiple proteins present in undifferentiated and differentiated red blood cells. In this report the protein binding to one specific region within a hypersensitive site approximately 200 base pairs upstream of the start of transcription has been analysed in detail. Using a combination(More)
This paper describes the characterisation of a novel chicken homeobox gene, Prh, whose encoded homeodomain sequence differs significantly from those of other factors which have been described. As expected, a portion of the encoded protein, containing the homeodomain, is capable of sequence-specific DNA-binding. Outside the homeodomain, Prh, possesses an(More)
We demonstrate that, in human bladder cancer, amplification of the E2F3 gene, located at 6p22, is associated with overexpression of its encoded mRNA transcripts and high levels of expression of E2F3 protein. Immunohistochemical analyses of E2F3 protein levels have established that around one-third (33/101) of primary transitional cell carcinomas of the(More)
CTCF is a multifunctional transcription factor encoded by a novel candidate tumor suppressor gene (Filippova, G. N., Lindblom, A., Meinke, L. J., Klenova, E. M., Neiman, P. E., Collins, S. J., Doggett, N. D., and Lobanenkov, V. V. (1998) Genes Chromosomes Cancer 22, 26-36). We characterized genomic organization of the chicken CTCF (chCTCF) gene, and studied(More)
The HMGI-C protein is a nuclear phosphoprotein expressed at high levels in transformed cells. The cDNA encoding the mouse protein has been isolated and the sequence of the encoded protein shows that it is related to the HMGY and I proteins, proteins which bind in the minor groove of DNA containing stretches of A and T. The HMGI-C protein has three short(More)
A novel sequence-specific DNA-binding protein, CTCF, which interacts with the chicken c-myc gene promoter, has been identified and partially characterized (V. V. Lobanenkov, R. H. Nicolas, V. V. Adler, H. Paterson, E. M. Klenova, A. V. Polotskaja, and G. H. Goodwin, Oncogene 5:1743-1753, 1990). In order to test directly whether binding of CTCF to one(More)
The SNF2/Brahma proteins are a class of DNA-dependent ATPases which activate gene expression by disrupting chromatin repression. They also cooperate with nuclear hormone receptors to activate transcription. Two cDNAs encoding chicken homologues of the SNF2/Brahma proteins have been isolated from chicken haematopoietic libraries. The encoded proteins closely(More)
During the isolation of high mobility group non-histone proteins from calf thymus chromatin by methods described previously (e.g. Goodwin, G.H., Nicolas, R.H. and Johns, E.W. (1975) Biochim. Biophys, Acta. 405, 280--291) protein degradation occurs resulting in a number of proteins appearing in the chromatin extracts which are not present in high mobility(More)