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Nuclear ionic channels (NICs) represent ubiquitous structures of living cells, although little is known about their functional properties and encoding genes. To characterize NICs, liver nuclear membrane vesicles were reconstituted into either planar lipid bilayers or proteoliposomes. Reconstitution of nuclear envelope (NE) vesicles into planar lipid bilayer(More)
Biophysical properties of ROMK2 channel were investigated at physiological temperature, after reexpression of the recombinant ROMK2 protein in a mammalian cell expression system (COS-7). We observed that ROMK2 induced an inwardly rectifying K(+) current whether polyvalent cations were present or not. Above +10 mV, ROMK2-induced current exhibited a voltage-(More)
In this research, we have studied the consequences of three consecutive osteopathic manipulative sessions (OMS) on postural control by using a single-case research (SCR) design. The patient was a 77 years old woman complaining of altered balance and low-back pain. OMS were delivered by a single practitioner. The pain level was self-rated by using a visual(More)
The human Kv1.6K(+) channel was functionally re-expressed in COS-7 cells at different levels. Voltage-activated K(+) currents are recorded upon cell membrane depolarization independently of the level of Kv1.6 expression. The current acquires a fast inactivation when Kv1.6 expression is increased. Inactivation was not affected by divalent cations or by(More)
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