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The use of black leaf-clips for dark adaptation under high solar radiation conditions is reported to underestimate the maximum quantum yield of PSII photochemistry (Fv/Fm) measured by the continuous-excitation fluorometer Pocket PEA. The decrease in Fv/Fm was due to a rise in minimum fluorescence emission (Fo), probably resulting from increased leaf(More)
Although it is well known that any material degrades faster when exposed to an aggressive environment as well as that "aggressive" cannot be univocally defined as depending also on the chemical-physical characteristics of material, few researches on the identification of the most significant parameters influencing the corrosion of metallic object are(More)
BACKGROUND One of the main concerns for archaeo-metallurgists and archaeologists is to determine to what extent ancient craftsmen understood the effect of metal alloy composition and were able to control it in order to produce objects with the most suitable features. This problem can be investigated by combining compositional analyses of a high number of(More)
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