G. Gubernatis

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In the treatment of adenocarcinoma of the proximal bile duct, our current strategy is to resect the tumor radically and to offer patients with unresectable tumors the chance of hepatic transplantation, if extrahepatic tumor growth is exluded. Tumor resection is performed by resection of the hilum alone or combined with partial hepatectomy. The latter(More)
The clinical experience with 11 patients undergoing ex situ operation of the liver (nine operations) or surgery on an in situ hypothermic perfused liver after vascular isolation (three operations) is described. These methods have been confined to situations and tumour stages otherwise deemed untreatable, or to situations where resection would not have been(More)
Fulminant hepatic failure is a life-threatening event with a high mortality rate up to 80%. Orthotopic liver transplantation has markedly decreased this mortality rate and is therefore a well established procedure for hepatic failure. However, this treatment neglects the fact that patients surviving hepatic failure without liver transplantation experienced(More)
Auxiliary liver transplantation (LT) is a special procedure of LT which could be proposed to patients with fulminant hepatic failure (FHF) and has for aim that complete regeneration of the native liver (NL) left in place will allow the graft recipient to resume normal liver function after allograft withdrawal. We report 30 cases of auxiliary LT performed(More)
Liver transplantation in HBs-antigen (HBsAg) positive allograft recipients is associated with a high risk of HBV recurrence some time after surgery. So far, results of measures to prevent recurrent HBV-infection by means of treatment with interferon, hepatitis B vaccination and short-term passive immunization with hepatitis B immunoglobulin (HBIg) or(More)
Die kardioplegische Lösung HTK nach Bretschneider ist bisher noch nicht im Bereich der klinischen Lebertransplantation verwendet worden. Hier werden die ersten Ergebnisse von 14 Patienten vorgestellt, denen eine mit HTK-Lösung protektionierte Leber transplantiert wurde. Die Eignung der HTK-Lösung konnte gezeigt werden. Alle Transplantate zeigten eine(More)
Routine laboratory tests are of little help for early detection and differential diagnosis of hepatic dysfunction following orthotopic liver transplantation (OLT). In the present study, serum levels of esterified bilirubin, total bilirubin and bile acids were investigated in 20 patients after OLT. Twenty episodes of liver dysfunction were observed: 10(More)
A method for an ex situ operation of the liver is presented with the example of such an operation in a 40-year-old patient. With this operation bilateral liver metastases of a leiomyosarcoma — which were otherwise regarded as irresectable - were resected. Function of the liver after reimplantation was good. Liver protection was performed by perfusion with(More)