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A method for rapid assessment of hepatic function in liver donors based on the formation of the lignocaine metabolite monoethylglycinexylidide (MEGX), was used in a prospective study of 69 donor-recipient pairs. The probability of graft survival over 120 days was significantly higher for livers from donors with MEGX test values above 90 micrograms/l than(More)
  • G Gubernatis
  • 1999
Organ transplantation is a well-established therapeutic for the organization of organ donation in the region of Niedersachsen/Ostwestfalen (Nds./Ow) to the procedure. However, too many patients must wait for a transplant and many of them die on the waiting list. regional subdivision of the German foundation for organ transplantation, the 'Deutsche Stiftung(More)
EEG monitoring was performed on 600 patients during anesthesia or postoperatively. Typical courses were evaluated. Examples of EEG dependence on the kind of anesthesia, the age of the patient, and individual sensitivity to the dosage of the anesthetic agent are given. These results may indicate that EEG monitoring is valuable in the clinical routine and in(More)
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