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The aim of this study was to evaluate the diagnostic accuracy of transvaginal sonography vs. hysteroscopy in the preoperative staging of endometrial carcinoma, in order to establish the most appropriate surgical therapy. Transvaginal sonography and hysteroscopy were used preoperatively in 67 women with histologically proven endometrial carcinoma. Deep(More)
Hysteroscopy is a technique which plays a fundamental diagnostic role in gynecological practice. The possibility of obtaining a direct intracavitary view and performing specific biopsies give it a greater level of diagnostic accuracy than intrauterine curettage. The authors' personal experience of 13,923 case enables the correct method of performing this(More)
The motility of the Fallopian tube plays an important role in the gametes and embryo transport. Disorders of the tubal motor function may be involved in a great number of patients with unexplained infertility. The aim of this study was to develop a method to measure the tubal motility by means of an hysteroscopic approach in humans. The following motor(More)
BACKGROUND Preneoplastic lesions of endometrium such as endometrial hyperplasia (simple and complex with or without cytological atypias) represent an important cause of abnormal uterine bleeding. Among diagnostic techniques, hysteroscopy presents several advantages: it is an out-patient procedure, minimally invasive, repeatable, of rapid execution and with(More)
A 26-year-old woman underwent operative hysteroscopy to remove a polypoid lesion, responsible for recurrent abnormal uterine bleeding. The polypoid mass was 4 cm long, smooth, with dilated vessels. It had a large base and originated from the fundum and posterior wall of the uterus. Pathological examination of the resected specimen showed low-grade stromal(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE To evaluate 10 years' experience with hysteroscopic treatment of septate uterus in Italy. DESIGN Multicenter retrospective study conducted from January 1988 to March 1997 (Canadian Task Force classification II-2). SETTING Twelve Italian centers for minimally invasive therapy. PATIENTS Women (total 973) with hysteroscopically diagnosed(More)
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